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Below are more top quality homes that are being offered for sale.  
 All have special features that can make your
 NEW home that "one very special place".

 Just remember,,,If none of these fit your needs,,,
Give us a call and we will go to work to find
 that "special" home that just fits your needs.....

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Celebrating 43+ Years of Service

Views in and around the Greater Tulsa Area

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Celebrating 43+ Years of Service

For an appointment to see any of these
wonderful homes, Please call us

918.258.2298 Art
918.857.4722 Mandy
918.809.8580 Ashley 

 918.284.6897 Tammy
918.557.1092 Michelle

For an appointment to see any of these
wonderful homes, Please email any of us

Art Jiles
Mandy Jiles-Kidd
Ashley McConkay

Tammy McCollough

Michelle Hall

Just click on Your Choice and email your request to
see any of these wonderful home OR tell us what
you would like to have in your NEW home and
we WILL find that special home YOU want.
IT is just that easy!


Market UPDATES  

Phillip Morrow
Mortgage Loan Officer/AMC Mortgage
NMLS No.492991, AMC Branch NMLS # 182383
7211 South Yale Avenue, Tulsa 74136

 How does this
 REAL ESTATE Market of today,
 2022 compare to 2023?
compared to

click on the above link to see the report (PDF File)
updated 3-18-2023

*reports are from the MLS Services of Tulsa, Oklahoma*

How Can We Help YOU?  Take advantage of our 43+ Years of Expert Experiences!

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